About Rajyogi

About Rajyogi

There is a phrase in Sanskrit "Devo Bhutva, Devam Yajeta" which means that one should worship god, becoming a god himself. Similarly to acquire wealth one has to acquire rich heart as well only then he can acquire wealth.
Manilal Chheda, once the son of a farmer is today known as ‘Rajyogi' Manilal Chheda. Rajyogi Manilal Chheda says "all these are the blessings of the almighty lord kuber and it's not all about being wealthy." Now just like kuber, Rajyogi' Manilal Chheda is doing all his work for creating thousands of kuber.

Life has changed for Manilal and for him this is a miracle. All this has happened because of the blessings of kuber, claims Manilal Chheda. There was a time when despite making it to the Merit list of Board Examination of Class 7, Manilal had to quit school only because he was poor and could not afford it.

In those days Manilal along with his brother and Mother used to work hard breaking stones throughout the day just to get Rs 2 or Rs 5 under the employment scheme as daily wages. At times just for a piece of Bhakri they used to toil in farms. Imagine a young Manilal cycling endlessly to deliver groceries. "Those were the days when I used to drink lots of water, not to quench my thirst, but to fill my stomach."
But then a miracle was to happen and it happened one day when young Manilal was on his pilgrimage to Trimbakeshwar. "That day I was very disturbed and sad. At night I was alone, sitting in dark and suddenly I saw a figure coming towards me. With an orange turban on his head and those sharp spiritual eyes, Baba came to me and asked me not to cry. He told me to worship lord kuber that would take away all my sorrow.

He gave me the following mantras:
|| Om Hrim Shree Vasu pujya prabhave Namah ||
|| Om Hrim Shreem Vitam Vitteshvaray Namah ||

Rajyogi Manilal Chheda was too young then to know kuber and understand the power of Spirituality. But one thing he knew, he was blessed! Blessed by someone, who has the ability for creating miracles. Manilal returned home to be an altogether different person with all his abilities he started working hard days-after-days and things began to change. Now Manilal was not the any other ‘Tom' next door, but a ‘Businessman' who had luck and fortune as his friends. He knew what he was looking for. And the one who is ardent devotee of kuber has to become rich and wealthy anyways. He understood that faith is the key of any relation, be it business or otherwise

Rajyogi Manilal Chheda made sure that whatever business he did he would always remain faithful to his customers. He also learnt the fact that success of Business does not depend upon destiny only but on ones endeavor and hard work. Success is when hard work is blessed with luck. With the will to help the deprived ones Manilal got the idea of Forming jewelry, one gram Gold jewelry and started his business ‘Swarg' in 2005. As he says "Men come and thank us, because we made it easier for them to meet their wives' desires for jewellery” Swarg entered the jewellery market in 2005 at a time when gold prices had gone through the roof, making the yellow metal unaffordable to the middle class. "Those were the days when gold prices were steadily rising. Gold was slowly going out of the reach of the middle class.

A random thought led to two years of research during which Manilal and his brothers, Vijay and Subhash, started experimenting with jewellery. The first store came up in Nashik in 2003. After Nashik, it was Surat, Ahmednagar and Pune then Thane, Mumbai etc.

Soon the One gram Gold jewelry was on everyone's wish list and there was the demand for his jewellery. Model and Stars from the tinsel town began sporting it on screen and off screen as well. "People would visit our outlets from Mumbai and Thane to buy our jewellery,” says Rajyogi Manilal Chheda,
Even after being successful in his business he religiously followed the practice to make people around him wealthy and happy "There were many housewives who purchased jewellery from us at Nashik or Pune and sold it from their homes in Mumbai.” Swarg gradually became the brand for alternate jewelry and stones.

Swarg came to Mumbai two years ago and has seven outlets between Dadar and Thane all strategically located outside railway stations. Artisans make necklaces, mangalsutras and bangles from patterns created by a team of a dezen designers. These designers create at least 40 designs daily. Their brief is to go back in time and create antique, traditional designs. Each day, fresh pieces of jewellery reach the showrooms.

Rajyogi Manilal Chheda says all this is because of lord kuber. My life has changed and I wish to pay back to the society. With this gratitude he has launched a volunteer organization kuber Seva Sangh. The purpose of this he says is "As lord kuber has blessed me may he bless everyone. "He also plans to build a welth of god lord kuber golden temple in Maharashtra (INDIA).
May lord bless everyone!

A Prayer through words (Shabdanjali)

Mani to Rajyogi Manilal Chheda

Our story of sorrow, pity, poverty, hunger, exploitation and conflict is similar to crones of poor and downtrodden people in india

Till the time Lord Kuber gave us darshan and blessing, we never knew the prayers,puja and worship of Lord Kuber the fate was same and similar

Mani was petty servant working on daily wages schemes cracking stones, farm worker or reaching groceries from door to door How he turned into owner of Swarg. Large chain of showrooms that sell princely ornaments and lucky stones. The answer to this question is just one Blessing of Lord Kuber

As the value of 0(zero) increases with the integers in front of it. We know our fate is due to Lord Kuber Past many years I am offering my puja-prayer with dedication. Chanting Kuber matra. So we experience the fulfillment of dreams We wish you the same blessing of Lord Kuber as he has blessed us.

God of wealth - Lord Kuber

  • We wish today to be of good luck and good omen
  • Today we offer you such a unique gift that will enable you to progress and advance to achievement
  • The problems, opposition and obstacles in your path shall be resolved
  • This gift is offered free of charge and without any expectation
  • We immense faith in Lord Kuber and this gift is the statue of Lord Kuber the god of wealth
  • As a gratitude towards Lord Kuber's blessng that has caused see thro' change in our lives, we have vouched to gift 1lakh of Lord Kuber to saintly peple
  • This statue of Lord Kuber is to be worshipped. Please accept the same considering it to be worthy of benefit and good luck. You must be aware, that Lord Kuber is god of wealth enabling earning growth anf collection of amass wealth
  • Consider this statue to be th blessing of Lord Kuber and we are just carrier to you
  • This is made plows by rituals as per religion and is to be worshipped
  • Place this statue in your home in such a way so that every individuals, guests and visitors can easily view it. There are no restrictions whatsoever as per ‘VASTUSHASHTRA'. We have selected you to receive this statue as is will ensure to benefit yourself and thro' you the entire kith and kiln.
  • We do know that today you are at present position due to your sharp intelligence, Hard work, and dedicated working pattern.
  • We have experienced and believe that God of wealth Lord Kuber's statue will have blessing on you and that will personal,professional, and public life, that you were seeking.
  • You have a particular position anf unique contribution in your own field, people follow you and respect you
  • You help everyone and wish that everyone be happy and merry. It is utmost important that you should possess capacity to help alongwith desire, wealth, money is the means of progress and growing you your family and others
  • Wealth God Lord Kuber furbishes money wealth. If he is with you thro' the medium if this statue, that will improve and increase your financial strength and enhance your power of benevolence. If you have any individual in your knowledge or in your family please intimate to us we shall also gift this statue to him/her.
  • For us Lord Kuber is God and we experienced being one with him. Today what I am and where I am due to an extraordinary incident and the creator is Lord Kuber
  • Last twenty years I am praying and worshipping Lord Kuber after an unique incident.
  • We dedicate the entire credit of our success, progress and growth to Lord Kuber.
  • There was an era that inspire of being in merit list in board in 7th standard exam only due to poverty I had to give up studies
  • I have worked on daily wages basis on just 1 to 2 rupees. We all with my mother and siblings worked on stone crushing job
  • Worked on days together in farming for just earning food.
  • Did hard work and reached the groceries to people carrying it an cycle and delivery by climbing 4-5 floors
  • Many times we have carried thro' only by drinking water in the absence of food.
  • I knew that I am not born to this work but was unable to get out this vicious cycle.
  • There was inner strength but no recognition in public.
  • I was dreaming the good fortune but the morning to realize dreams was not in sight
  • It was an ardent ambition to become owner rather than the employee but there was no breakthrough
  • While struggling and groping in darkness was that unique incident
  • We had been to Trambakeshwar(Nashik) till date we had gone through sufferings and adversities only due to faith
  • Trambakeshawar near Nashik is an place of Lord Shiva
  • I was in worry and in tearful eyes was sited on stone in darkness
  • I did not when the sky was clouded
  • There was lightning
  • Suddenly with thunder the lightning was striking
  • There was fear that one of the may befall on us but there was no strength enough to get up as if I was transfixed to ground
  • In this downpour suddenly there was flash of lightning and In this bright light there was a saint with orange kafni and it appeared as if he was searching me
  • Again there was thunder and lightning now he had come near
  • Even in this darkness his powerful striking eyes were as if looking at me
  • Unknowingly I got and bowed to him due to the culture developed inadvertently and as if through reflex action and joined hands for Namskar.
  • I felt that this saint blessed me with promising touch on my head.
  • I was crying uncontrollably and he was pacifying me
  • I cleared off my grief trouble and frustration.
  • The rain was pouring, the light due to lightening was alternating
  • Saint handed me a ‘red munga stone chain' and said. From tomorrow daily chant Kuber Mantra anf worship the Kuber Statue with total belief. Lord Kuber is generous and easily pleased but worship. Treat Lord Kuber as Partner in your business. One day you yourself shall be wealthy anf rich. And because of you many others shall be as wealthy as Kuber.
  • I fell on the feet of saint and embarrassed his feet….. Suddenly when I come to sensed due to tremendous lightening, to and behold there was nobody there. I did not know where and when the saint disappeared from there.
  • For a moment I was stunned, what I saw was a dream? Or was it avtar of Kuber and blessing I was confused
  • Truly till then I knew Lord Kuber as god of wealth not beyond this, neither I know any Kuber Mantra nor knew any image of Lord Kuber
  • But at a pious place like Trambakeshwar, I had no doubt that Lord Kuber had given me darshan in the form of saint and blessed me with Gurumantra and advise
  • I returned back with Lord Kuber in my entire self, mind, body and soul.
  • The red munga stone chain blessed by saint is the considered as Lord Kuber himself
  • Maharaj advised me to chant mantras. he asked me to face East, wearing red clothe and with red munga stone chain chant following mantras
    1. Om hrim shri Vasupujyaprabhave namaha ||
    2. Om hrim shri klim vitteshwaray namaha ||
  • This chain was the proof for us and the world that incidence was not a dream, but reality. Even now the incarnation of Lord Kuber is live in our mind
  • Of course it is impossible to change financial status overnight but the approach and mental status changed altogether
  • With the support of god of wealth, even the impossible things were approaching possible
  • The confidence of getting heavenly support to efforts gave boost up to new projects and ideas
  • If we change our outlook and approach to world then the entire world changes the approach
  • At one end was financial and at other end was Adhyatmic(pertaining to god)
  • Lord Kuber was giving good opportunity and mental strength to use this opportunity So every transaction in business were successful
  • Manilal Chheda name had not remained that of child laborer and farm hand but name now had wealth and respect
  • Same person, same work, but when luck favors and god helps history is created.
  • As a gratitude of Lord Kubers blessing I created Lord Kuber's ‘SWARG' in the form of showrooms at various places
  • The branches of ‘SWARG' that offered the ornaments similar to those that were worn by Ghandharvas and Apsaras of heaven at an affordable price to common and ordinary, spread widely
  • The lucky stone of ‘SWARG' helped one and all of users improving the luck
  • While praying and chanting of Lord Kuber. I was at a stage of achieving the status of kuber
  • I was observing images, photographs, sculptures of Lord Kuber from the museums across the world
  • I searched the information and collected the info of Kuber through internet, old books, puranas, and religious books.
  • The experience of Lord Kuber which were initially only at financial level were slowly being experienced in supernatural levels
  • The only thought day and night hovering in mind was, how to express gratitude of what I am in community level
  • I began discussions with friends about spreading the benefits of blessing of Lord Kuber to Lakhs of ‘MANI' in the community
  • With this idea for the devotees of Lord Kuber an ideology of ‘KUBER SEVA SANGH' is taking shape under the guidance of experts that will give opportunities in the fields of finance, community, educational and cultural areas with mutual co-operation
  • The statues of Lord Kuber are aplenty but the temple exclusively of Lord Kuber is nowhere in the world. We are undertaking the project of creating a massive and huge golden temple of Lord Kuber shortly. God of wealth Kuber and Navagrah(Nine planets) together In this golden temple We will try to make this singularly unique temple
  • Though the respect and devotion towards Lord Kuber is universal, From Vedas,Upanishads, Puran,Ramayan and Mahabharat very little information has reached masses. So this book presents the information of Lord Kuber
  • I have myself experienced the blessing of Lord Kuber and the effects. This image of Lord Kuber may be kept at your business places, office and take the blessing of Lord Kuber for yourself and other


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